Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nice cheap digital Bolt Action for Kindle

We all like cheap stuff.

And we are becoming more adept with our digital books.

So it was nice to find Amazon were doing a very good deal with some of the Bolt Action digital books.

Now most of them are cheap being under £6 and that's not to be sniffed at.  But even better is the deal on the Bolt Action Rule book and the two army books of Germany and the Soviet Union.

The digital rulebook and two of the army books can be nabbed for less than £2 each!!

On Amazon Kindle you can get the rulebook for £1.89 and the two army books for £1.19.

Now i have been slightly sceptical for a while now about digital copies.

I love the idea of having a physical book on my bookshelf to take down and flick through.  There really is nothing like it.  Only recently Wee Si sent me a link to a free kindle sci-fi book to try out.  Well its free so i thought nothing really to lose out on there.  Might as well try it as i have a Motorola Xoom 2 10.1 inch 16GB Android Tablet (Wi-Fi Version) with Kindle pre-installed.

The very exciting front of the digital version.
It was Origins (Spinward Fringe Book 0) (still free!) and i gave it a whirl. I have to say I quite enjoyed reading it as a book and to my surprise I enjoyed reading it on the Kindle app.  Then he did the unforgivable and sent me the links to the Bolt Action kindle versions.  

I don't know how it works for iPad and iPhone users as I am an Android junky (yup I am a google fan(ish) boy).  On Android Kindle can be found in the Play store and downloaded for free.  And as if by some sort of modern wizardry and witchcraft when you first sign up to Amazon through your Kindle (might be easier if you already have an Amazon account) anything you buy is magically kept in the cloud as well.  I know it sounds silly but there was a part of me that just would not let go of the idea that if my tablet goes to the circuit board in the sky it will maniacally take all my digital stuff too. So relieved that wherever i link my Kindle app up to the web on whatever android device i happen to have (or even PC) i will be able to access my purchases from Amazon.

So that's that out of the way - how do the digital versions handle?  They're are not overwhelming. But they're not bad either. Acceptable is perhaps a word to use. Especially for the price tag.

On my Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Motorola they look passable and are easy to read (one of the more important aspects!) On the PC its fairly clunky (thought kind of to be expected from an app meant for mobile devices).

The books do have a nice touch with any reference to a page is linked to that page for quickly accessing the information.

As you can see the front page of the digital is exactly the same as the hard copy book (that retails for £25).  So good so far.

The contents pages - there are a couple as they are split to make it easier to fit onto the screen of the mobile devices.  Though no matter how small you make the writing it never reduces down to unreadable sizes and so you will only ever get so much on a screen.  Reading them seems like you are reading half a page at a time. Its not that i am whining about it or think there is something wrong with it - just expect it.

All in all the kindle books are a good carry-everywhere-on-your-phone-in-case-you-forget-your-physical-copy option or something to read whilst you are on the bus or train, or waiting for someone or something.

The Kindle app makes sure the screen is easy to read and my eyes never hurt.

I know it all sounds simplistic but I have resisted this form of book for a long time and I am starting to catch up more and more as I realise it is easier than I previously thought (I am a grognard at heart).  They will never wholly replace my beloved physical hard copies of books but they are a good enough compliment to satisfy me.  Especially when the digital version is cheap enough to warrant me buying, essentially, a second rulebook.

You will find, though, if you haven't already in Kindle, that it is an enclosed app - which means if you want particular pages printed out you will quickly find you can't.  The digital version is licenced to the buyer (you and me), not sold. The terms and conditions therefore make it illegal to distribute a Kindle book in any way, including printing out the copyright free-so-long-as-its-for-personal-use-only pages like the play summary.  Which is the most annoying thing about it.

But then again if you want that sort of stuff the wonderful people at Warlord Games have made most of their summary sheets and reference sheets available to download. Including the Bolt Action Summary of Play sheet and Errata and FAQ sheet.

Some screen grabs from the mobile phone version of the kindle books

Just to let you know that the links to Amazon Kindle on this page are linked through Wee gamers - so we might get a few pence if you decide to buy a copy or two through clicking on our referral link. You don't pay any more than anyone else, you help us get a couple of pence and we are grateful to you for you doing that.

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