Thursday, 31 May 2012

Operation Morrow Bunker 1900 hours Saturday & Sunday 02/03 June

Operation Morrow Bunker continues
Wee Gamers continues to operate the Morrow Bunker to gather gamers of all sorts together so they can take refuge from their worldly woes.  

Operation Morrow Bunker GCHQ is in Whitehead Primary School, 3 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, County Antrim BT38 9NE

Last weekend's gaming had a historical feel to it with Gamers gathering for Hail Caesar, from Warlord Games on Saturday night and then for some Warmachine, Kings of War and the Koffee Klub bringing some boardgames into the mix.




This weekend we kick off at pm on Saturday night with some Dreadfleet and other games people may wish to bring.  On the Sunday Night, the Koffee Klub meet again and some more tabletop gaming, and perhaps even some roleplaying :)

If you are thinking of coming down let us know in the comments below

We will be open for gaming from 7pm til 11 or so.  We won't kick you at on the dot ;)  

Remember that there is a cost.  A whopping donation of a minimum of £2 per person.

All monies collected will go to the school.  Gamers doing good while they game!

Everyone welcome.

If you have any questions email

Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming!

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Duel at Blood Creek - video

We found this on Vimeo and thought you might like it.

The Duel At Blood Creek has Vimeo Staff Pick, Audience Choice Award DC Shorts Film Festival 2011, Audience Award Vancouver DSLR Film Festival 2010, Best Film Judges Choice Iron Mule Film Festival 2011 to its name.  And its easy to see why.

If you want to know more the contact

Well done Mr Burton.  Well done, Sir.

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

D&D Next - The 5th age dawns...

Well, Wee Gamers have finally gotten into the D&D Next circle.  After some inital faffing around due to server problems. 

On Thrusday we got the all important email from Wizards of the Coast.
Dear Dungeons & Dragons® Fan,
You are receiving this email because you requested information about the start of the D&D Next Playtest and how to participate. We are pleased to inform you that playtesting for the next iteration of D&D® has begun! To thank you for your early interest and enthusiasm, we’re giving you a head start on downloading the playtest packet. Later today, we will be making the materials available to all playtesters. To download your official playtest packet, please click here and follow the instructions provided. You will need to log in with your Wizards account or create one if you do not already have one. Thank you for your interest in the D&D Next Playtest. We look forward to your participation and feedback. Happy Adventuring,
The D&D Team
But when we tried it the link would not work and we seemed to go round and round the mulberry bush.  Thankfully the link to D&DNext Community page worked and there at least of of trhe issue became obvious.  The very nice Community Manager, Trevor Kidd, kept the whole thing updated until it all got working again.
Packet Download Issues Update (11:15 AM PDT 5/25) - We’ve identified and fixed the problems that we believe were causing the system slowdowns and inability to download the D&D® Next Playtest packet. At this time, we believe that you should be able to clear your cache and go to to start the Playtest process again. We are also diligently working on back-up systems in case you experience further problems headed into the weekend. Thanks again for your patience! 
Update (8:11 AM PDT 5/25) - The team was up until the wee over the morning, implementing different fixes to our server issues, and while some of the fixes implemented last night did help some people get access to the packet, we're still experiencing some issues. We have some other solutions we're looking at this morning and I'll keep you updated with any news I get. 
Update (6:25 PM PDT) - Thank you for the overwhelming response to the D&D Next Playtest. We are implementing a solution to the address the slow system performance and will update you asap when the fix is in place. 
Update (5:33 PM PDT) - I don't have anything new to add right at this very minute. We are aware of the Error 400 stuff and the loop that can happen from filling out the playtest info, to clicking on the link to go to the download, and then being dropped back on the page to fill out the playtest info. There are others in between but those seem to be the most prevalent. I don't have a fix for you besides asking you to continue to wait patiently while we look into the issues and address them. I'm definitely sorry that you've had to deal with this frustration, and I hope we can get it fixed as soon as possible, but I don't have a timeline or a solution yet. As soon as we do, you'll know about. Thanks again to everyone for being so patient.
Update (11:54 AM PDT) - If you have already signed up on the D&D Next playtest page, provided your information, email address, agreed to the terms of the playtest, AND are logged into your Wizards account whihc has the same email that you provided for D&D Next signup, then this link should take you to the playteset download page. If it does not and you get an error about an incorrect link, then the server is having issues. We are working to get more servers added to address this.
We've identified two different issues.
  • The download llink in the original emails was corrupted. We've fixed that problem and for most who have gone through the process so that future emails have the correct link. For those who had the problem, we'll be sending out new emails with the correct link at some point, but for now you can click on this link to get to the playtest packet. Playtest Packet Download!
  • Some people signed up for the D&D Next notification with an different email address than the one they use for the wizards site login. In these cases, the permissions are apparently being granted to the email used to sign up but not the email you would normally use to login. Work Around: You can either sign up for the D&D Next notification and packet delivery again using the email address associated with your Wizards account (and wait for the download email again), or you can contact customer service to let them know about the issue so they can grant the right permissions.
  • Another possible fix: Some people who experienced issues earlier today have noted that if they cleared their temperary internet files and their cache and restarted their browser, they were able to download the packet. If none of these cover your issue, or if these solutions or workarounds don't work for, please contact customer service and they will fix things up so we can get you that playtest packet. I'll update this post with any information as I get it.
And then today we went back to try the links. And what do you know, as if by 7th Level magic, it worked.  And we are kind of excited.  Plenty of reading to do, and will give our impressions of it at a later date.  The introduction (which is all we are giving away - you have to sign up to this for yourself - we don't think you will be disappointed) really gives the vision behind what Wizards of the Coast are doing.

On behalf of the entire DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® R&D team, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to download our first public playtest documents for D&D® Next. Your feedback will help us to deliver a great game that matches what you want out of D&D. Before you dive into the materials, there are a few things to keep in mind. 
  • This is the first of many playtests packets. The final game will likely look different from what you see here, as we work to fine-­‐tune it. 
  • These rules will likely look more compact than the most recent editions of D&D. In many cases, we decided to excise a rule or element of the game to see if it really is a key component of playing D&D. 
  • This iteration of the playtest includes the four classic classes represented by a set of pre-­‐ generated characters. We’ve included two clerics to show you how we intend the domain system to work. 
  • Our goal at this stage is to fine-­‐tune the core rules. We’ll ask for your feedback on character creation, advancement, and adventure design rules in the coming months. 
  • The best way to give us feedback is through the playtest surveys that we will begin in the coming weeks. We want to listen to as many people as possible, and the surveys are the best way for us to cast a big net for feedback. 
  • Be sure to check back for updates to the test materials, playtest surveys, and other news at Thanks for helping us out, and good gaming!

 Now go find some Dungeons and kill some Dragons.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rise of the Titan in Belfast!

 In the year 1899 Morgan Robertson, an American Science Fiction writer, wrote 'Wreck of the Titan' - the story that predicted the sinking of the Titanic.  This was over a decade before the ship was even built!  Coincidence?  Judge for Yourself ...

To celebrate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, The ORB has published "Rise of the Titan".  This volume featured 'Wreck of the Titan' by Morgan Robertson and assorted short stories and essays, Edited by Logan Bruce.  For every copy sold, 20% (£1) of the £5 cover-price will go to charity.

The book is being officially launched at Serenity Games, 46 Botanic Avenue at 7pm on Wednesday 30th May 2012.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend.  Refreshments will be provided.

Tickets for TitanCon, the annual Belfast Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, will also be on sale.

After the launch, The Other Ones (a Belfast Science Fiction society) will meet at Bar 12.  New members are welcome.

If you are unable to attend, copies of the book can be ordered on-line from Amazon

Donations can be made directly at

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Warhammer Historical has become history

A friend sent us the message that Warhammer Historical has now closed.  

There is just a holding page on the website with the message:
We can no longer accept any further orders for our products We would like to thank our customers who have purchased our publications over the years and hope you will continue to get many more years of gaming enjoyment from them 
If you have any queries regarding orders that have been placed with Warhammer Historical please contact the Forge World Customer Service team Email address: Phone number: 0115 900 4995 from the UK 011 44 115 900 4995 from the US/Canada 00 44 115 900 4995 from Europe.
This is very sad news indeed, as it was this arm of Games Workshop that produced the likes of Legends of the Old West, Warhammer Ancient Battles, English Civil War, The High Seas, and many more.

Though it may have been on the cards for a while. Warhammer Historical had been moved from pillar to post within the GW group and didn't seem to sit comfortably with any.

But what decision made Games Workshop Group make the this very fast shutdown? Not enough profit? People have to use other companies' miniatures? Was it the final curtain to what had previously been sparked in Warhammer World club nights?  Why promote games that only other companies make the miniatures for?

What will be interesting is what will take its place and if any the brilliant systems it produced will ever see the light of day again.

"The board believes that there remains scope for significant long term organic growth for the business... The outlook continues to be very good. As each year goes by our faith in the Hobby and the methods we use to introduce and retain enthusiasts around the world is strengthened. The march towards total global domination goes on." 
Even then, GW left no room for others in the hobby industry.  If it ain't Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40K or Lord of the Rings, it ain't worth much.  

"I felt a disturbance in the gaming industry, as if a number of gaming systems cried out and were suddenly silenced."
Obi-Wan 'I roll natural crits all the time' Kenobi

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Operation Morrow Bunker 1900 hours Saturday & Sunday 26/27 May

Operation Morrow Bunker continues
Wee Gamers continues to operate the Morrow Bunker to gather gamers of all sorts together so they can take refuge from their worldly woes.  

Operation Morrow Bunker GCHQ is in Whitehead Primary School, 3 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, County Antrim BT38 9NE

Wee Gamers were extremely proud to host the 'Salvation' 40k ETC ranked tournament last weekend.

This weekend gaming will have a more historical feel with Gamers gathering for Hail Caesar, from Warlord Games.

We kick off from 7pm on Saturday night until 11 or so, and on the Sunday Night we will be open for gaming from 7pm til 11 or so.  We won't kick you at on the dot ;)  

Remember that there is a cost.  The cost? A whopping donation of a minimum of £2 per person.

All monies collected will go to the school.  Gamers doing good while they game!

So, minimum £2 per person, with the money going to the school, starting from 7pm  both Saturday and Sunday and you are all welcome.

If you have any questions email

Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming!

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

23.5.12 The Moon Nazis are finally coming.........

The Story of Iron Sky is that in the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon.

During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers. When American astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kirby) puts down his Lunar Lander a bit too close to the secret Nazi base, the Moon Führer (Udo Kier) decides the glorious moment of retaking the Earth has arrived sooner than expected.

Washington claims the mission is just a publicity stunt for the President of the United States (Stephanie Paul), but what else could the man be but a scout for the imminent attack by Earth forces? The Fourth Reich must act!

Two Nazi officers, ruthless Klaus Adler (Götz Otto) and idealistic Renate Richter (Julia Dietze), travel to Earth to prepare the invasion. In the end when the Moon Nazi UFO armada darkens the skies, ready to strike at the unprepared Earth, every man, woman and nation alike, must re-evaluate their priorities.

Iron Sky is a dark science fiction comedy directed by Timo Vuorensola and will feature musical score composed by Laibach. The film is produced by Blind Spot Pictures and Energia Productions in Finland, and co-produced by 27 Films in Germany and New Holland Pictures in Australia. Principal photography took place in Germany in November-December 2010 and in Australia in January-February 2011.

Iron Sky premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February and opens in theatres in April 2012 with Finland opening on 4th of April and Germany on the 5th of April.

And the UK is the 23rd May 2012.

Now the controversial bit.

Revolver, the film distributor in the UK determined that it would have a one day release.  Yup, that's right. One day.

You can read Iron Sky's response on their website.

We have waited this long for a one day release.  Iron Sky UK have now made some move towards the demand for a longer run on their Facebook page.  Not much but it is something.

In Northern Ireland, the QFT in Belfast are showing Iron Sky.  If there are still tickets left. Go. Enjoy. And stop the Moon Nazis!

We can not find an Ireland release date, but may have missed it.

Keep your eyes out as Wee Gamers will also bring you some more Moon Nazi goodness in the form of gaming. :)  Who says we don't look after you guys?

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Backspidle Games go on an adventure to UK Expo

The wonderful guys from Backspindle Games (creators of the Guards!Guards! boardgame) will be heading to the UK Expo this week.  And they are not going empty handed.

Leonard, Trev, Ivor and David
They are heading over with a new game. Which Wee Ivor got to playtest. And he really loved it. Even though he didn't win (that is an endorsement)

Codinca - the new game from Backspindle Games
Deep within the rain forests of the Yucatan rival teams of treasure hunters have recently discovered the lost city of Codinca. In the centre of the once great citadel stands a stone temple. Local legends tell of the great treasures that lie buried beneath the temple but, despite many months of searching no doorway or entrance has been found. 
On the top of the temple stands a square stone altar.  A small clay totem stands in the centre of this surrounded by a pattern of 16 carved stone tiles.  Examining them closely you discover that an intricate series of mechanisms allow the tiles to switch places and turn over revealing a stone side and a gold side to each.  A set of simple icons carved on each side of the pillar seem to indicate that a sequence of 4 different patterns must be formed to open the temple.   Can you crack the code and be the first to unlock the secrets of Codinca? 

The game sees each player with four tiles each (different designs distinguish the tiles) and you have to get them into different patterns as described by the four cards you have. The tiles can be flipped so there are two facings (Stone and Gold) which adds to the complexity.  Add to the fact that while you are trying to get your own pattern, you are also trying to stop your opponents from getting theirs.

Codinca is 2-4 person strategy game and is planned for release in September 2012.  UK Expo will be a perfect place for you to try it out.

They have entered the game for the Expo Awards under the Best Abstract Game category.  If you are going to UK Expo, then take that voting slip and when you come to Best Abstract Game, we would encourage you to vote for Codince. You know it makes sense. (Sort off)

Oh don't forget our wonderful friends NSKN Lengendary Games will be there as well with a card game (Wild Wild Fun West) and a new board game (Exodus: Proxima Centauri)

Tell them both that Wee Gamers sent you!

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Operation Morrow Bunker: Wee Gamers begin to gather

Operation Morrow Bunker is Go!!!
Wee Gamers now, happily, can announce there is a temporary spot where gamers of all sorts can take refuge from their worldly woes.  We call it Operation Morrow Bunker (some of you may get this and its relevance - if you don't, well there is a little puzzle for you to mull over)

Operation Morrow Bunker will have its GCHQ in Whitehead Primary School in, well, Whitehead.  To be exact it is at 3 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, County Antrim BT38 9NE

Firstly, to kick it all off Wee Gamers are extremely proud to host the 'Salvation' 40k ETC ranked tournament this weekend.  We hope to cover some parts of this event as well to give you all a wee idea of how it went.

On the Sunday Night we will be open for gaming from 7pm til we kick you out.  

The cost? A whopping donation of a minimum £2 per person.  That's right, donation.  All monies collected will go to the school.  Who says gamers can't do good while they game?

So, minimum £2 per person, with the money going to the school, starting from 7pm and you are all welcome.

If you have any questions email :)

Drop a comment below, or on Facebook, or on Twitter, with one word - You will know what that one word is ;) - to let us know you found the reference we have made with Operation Morrow Bunker. 

Hint: It is to do with a Roleplaying Game.

Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming!

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Lets get our Nerd on!!

Well, we promised to announce something and here it is.

We have joined the great nerd collective that is Following the Nerd.

See How Wee Ivor and Wee Andy take the news :)

Proud to be Following the Nerd!

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Statement on Arkham, its closure and the future.

One is never sure how to begin a statement, and really "statements" ain't what Wee Gamers is about.

As you all may know Ivor and myself come from Arkham. Obviously we were gamers before Arkham and probably will be until the great lead gods of old call us home to the battle boards in the sky. And with that I'd like to talk about Arkham, and Phil. 

Personally I recall the day Phil rang me and said "so this war games centre, what's that need then?" And it seems like yesterday we stood looking at ice cream machines and filth covered walls, but in our eyes could see the tables and toys that would become Arkham. 

Two years later and you know, few dreams come true, but Arkham came pretty darn close. I still have in my drawer at work, written on the back of an order form Arkham's ' ethos' a gaming place, free from partisan politics and pressures, where gamers of all types can meet, share and play..... Me, I'm a dreamer, Phil I'd call a visionary. Not a gamer himself, but he could see and share the dream and it was thanks to him that that dream took form and became real. Obviously there where other hands, some stayed through, some moved on to other things. That's the thing with life and evolution, change happens, stagnation brings decay. 

With Phil and the Arkhamites or inmates, various names have been applied, Arkham went bounding into the Irish Gaming Community. loved by some, not so much by others. A wake up call and an inspiration to many. Everything that people said couldn't be done with gaming here was pretty much done by Arkham, and with bells on. 

Bad luck can play its part, loss of faith can take its toll, but Phil displayed a dogged attitude that many others could take as stubborn, but in the face of both personal challenges and business challenges Phil squared up and carried on where many others would have slunk quitlely into the night. 

I've lost track of the years I've known Phil, he's one of the few guys who could tell me 'where to go' and I him, and the next day carry on as if nothing happened. We had the measure of each other, that's not to say we always saw eye to eye, but we always found a way that the uncommon ground didn't effect the common. Friendships are a rare thing, they expand and contract, good times and bad and in bad I've always been glad I've known Phil. 

When Phil decided that his life was going in another direction, I'll admit to an amount of fear. It's a friends job to worry for their mates, to perhaps scorn them a little and poke some fun, but respect is due that when someone sees they need to change its a rare person still has the guts to tackle that. Obviously as you've read elsewhere there's a mini phil on the way :) and who wouldn't want, especially in these times, greater stability and security for family and home. I don't need to wish Phil well, he's not vanishing to faraway parts, but I will miss his input, his counsel and mad cap ideas and some times too his tendency to grab an idea and just jump! 

The community that grew around Arkham is as diverse in many ways as the hands that have helped build and shape the community. A club that isn't a club, is bound to be an exotic creature, with many members who perhaps under other circumstances would never have met, let alone played together. Arkham opened eyes and minds to new games, new ways to play, it challenged peoples expectations and experiences. I'm equally pleased to say that from the swirling mass that is Arkham I count a number of people as friends, whom I would otherwise never have know. That to me is a benefit beyond counting. Gaming without boundaries, created friendships without boundaries. 

Now what group of people don't have their differences, there squabbles and their fall outs? None. But the glory of the Arkham ethos was that when such things occurred, everyone was interested in the resolution, and the community fixed itself. Obviously there will be a period of adjustment as we all find solid ground once again.  But they are a creative, imaginative and wonderful group of people, whom when the dust settles, I have no doubt will see that really everything has changed, and everything is still the same. 

It's also funny how a geographical location can quietly become as much a part of the community as the people. 

Sadly ill health as well as personal and public pressures have hampered us from clear and decisive announcements and steps. So far.

But illness has to go to the side for now, to both recognise as I hope we have, the major contribution Phil has made to the gaming community in Ireland, and the massive contribution the membership of Arkham have made over the past couple of years. I could if pushed give you a list of achievements and a run of names, but no matter how big or small the contribution, it has been the collective actions of the whole that made Arkham what it was, and galvanised the spirit that it sought to create. 

As for Wee gamers? Well I think I've said enough for now, this was as much a salute to Arkham rather than a mission statement from us. 

Enough to say that Wee Gamers will be adapting its original plans to establish a hobby centre that we hope will be able to offer and maintain the same spirit of inclusive and open gaming that Arkham set out to, and did create. 

We already have made arrangements to host the 40k tournament this weekend, we are already booked for several of the Irish Conventions and will have a temporary home which the Arkhamites can avail of, an ark of sorts for now, but it will be open to any and all who see that the hobby is a varied and shared experience, one best enjoyed when shared, and best enjoyed when respected. 

Further dull and serious statements may follow.  Yeah, they probably will, wont they?

But you know, if it ain't fun folks......don't do it, cause we won't :) 

Phil, to paraphrase Mr Spock " you always have been, and always will be my long .....and prosper....."

Wee Andrew

Wee Ivor

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

There's somebody at the door!

Sometimes there are Roleplaying games that just seem perfect for what they are.  Not a perfect system, but perfect enough to compliment the background and setting for the game.

Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium is one of those games.  It celebrated its 30th birthday last year.  Yup, its 30 years old and still going strong.  Not only is the whole background world, one created by Howard Philip Lovecraft from about 1919 on to about 1936.  He died from cancer in 1937.

The Cthulhu Mythos that HP Lovecraft created is a strange mixture of nihilistic magical science fiction.  A fantasy/horror/science fiction mashup of epic proportions.  Malevolent deity-like creatures from space worshipped as gods or demons by twisted cultists, and no matter what the heroes or heroines do, the human race plod onwards with a doom filled inevitability that will mean humanities extinction.  Cheery stuff, eh?

In roleplaying terms, this provides huge scope for players and Games Masters, or in Call of Cthulhu Keepers, to play with and explore.  A horror roleplaying game based on the atmosphere of natural human fear of the unknown and unknowable, yet driven forward by an intense curiosity convinced that THEY will not go mad or disappear.  Background, atmosphere, context.  Anything else is window dressing.

The system used by Chaosium to help convey the different ages of Cthulhu is a percentile based system called Basic Role Playing System (first published as a stand alone system in 1980).  The BRP was notable for being the first role-playing game system to introduce a full skill system to characters regardless of their profession (or 'class').  This style of play is an incredibly important mechanism for Call of Cthulhu which is heavily reliant on characters driven by their skills - sometimes the better the skill you had the worse off you would end up, for instance having a high Cthulhu Mythos skill is incredibly bad for your sanity.

While most of the Cthulhu Mythos is based in the periods 1890s and the 1920s there has also been opportunities to run modern day characters in an almost X-Filesesque or Aliens manner.

To celebrate 30 years Chaosium published a special anniversary edition, which I was able to get my wee hands on.  And a beautiful piece of roleplaying history it is too.

You can play Call of Cthulhu throughout the ages right through to modern day and Chaosium provides a lot of support as do third party companies and enthusiasts, so you will never be stuck for a hook, scenario or campaign goal for your players.

Definitely worth a look if you have never thought of having a go before. You can also pick a few volumes of Lovecraft's short stories to get you in the mood for a reasonable price.

I hope you enjoy Call of Cthulhu as much as I have.

Stay sane. Stay away from corners............

Wee Ivor

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